Can I have One?

Yes! Thank you for your interest and welcome to the Sidewalk Face Boutique. Almost all the images here are available for purchase. You can access that feature directly in each gallery.


We are offering Lustre prints on Kodak Endura Professional Paper and two types of mounted and ready to hang wall displays; metal prints and standouts.


Lustre is a premium finish on a heavier paper. It offers the vibrant colors of glossy with the fingerprint-resistant finish of matte. Printed on Kodak Supra Endura paper.

Float Mounted Metal Prints

Metal prints are known for their brilliance. And I don’t mean school smarts. I mean brightness. The type I am offering uses an innovative dye sublimation process to show off vibrant colors. You can chose from a white base that does not show the underlying brushed metal or a clear base that allows the brushed metal to show through.


Photographic lustre print mounted to lightweight foam with a ¾” deep black edge. Sized in inches, ¼ inch smaller in both directions.

Visual Examples Available

You can see visual examples of the standouts and metal prints when you put an image in your cart. You don't have to complete the purchase if you just want to access that information while you consider what might be best for you.

Squares and Rectangles

The prints and hangings are available in both square and rectangular aspect ratios. Make sure you chose carefully and get what you want.

Almost all sidewalk faces come in a square format. This mimics the project as it was conceived on Instagram and allows for groupings of faces to easily hang together. I think of the square almost like headshots (or maybe mug shots depending on the guy). They look great hanging together in pairs or in grids of 4, 9 or 12 where you can see the breadth of the project as well as the individual characters.

The rectangular version shows the character in the context of their environment. You can view these in the Rectangular Collection and Runyan Canyon galleries where in addition to the faces made there, you can see the dogs enjoying themselves.

Rectangular Aspect Ratio Riddles

Some photographs were taken at a 3:2 aspect ratio and some at 4:3 ratio. Do you care? It will matter when you are choosing the size print you want and you may have to crop slightly to make the picture fit.

3:2 images fit perfectly without cropping in 4 x 6 and 8 x 12 products.

4:3 images will pair better (but not perfectly) with 5 x 7, and 8 x 10. Some cropping will have to occur. You can do this after you have selected your product.

Why is it so irregular and difficult? I don’t know but I do want you to be careful so you get just what you want. I’ve offered all the products in multiple sizes and ratios but not so many your head will explode. If it does there are clean up rags below.

Licensing and Custom Options

Contact me directly. Let's talk!

Oh No! The Face I Want Isn’t Here!

No worries! If you’ve been following me on Instagram from way back and want a face you can’t find, contact me directly. I’d be happy to do a new print-worthy color correction and upload it to the website for you.

Clean Up Rag

If you don't know what he is for you must not have read everything.

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