Citrus - Sidewalk Face

Rotting Orange as Muse

Sidewalk Face 794 Wide

One reason to make stuff is to find out what kind of stuff you would make if you made stuff. What I am finding out is I love sculpting with decaying oranges. Despite the number of times I’ve done it, I still find this surprising. When I’m not doing it, I certainly don’t think about it. It’s not like I wake up raring to hunt for and mess with citrus. I don’t have any ideas about it on my off hours. In fact, I don’t think one creative thought about oranges has ever crossed my mind when not directly staring at one. Yet there is a very tall orange tree nearby, too tall to pick the fruit, that must drop several oranges a day into a nearby driveway. It’s a given that something interesting will be happening under that tree so I visit every now and then and have a little session.

All images © 2015-2019 Caren McCaleb

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